Rules and Regulations


  • Students should display punctuality in arriving at school and in reporting back to class during breaks, playtime, activities and lab classes.
  • They should maintain silence and be attentive during all classes.
  • They should avoid bringing electronic gadgets to school.
  • They should avoid the use of any abusive language in the school premises.
  • They should not carry cash to school and should avoid lending or borrowing money from others.
  • They should not wear expensive ornaments.
  • They should come to school with clean and neat uniform on school days.
  • They should take care of the school properties and should not cause any damage too school property.
  • Students should be eco-conscious and should minimize the use of electricity, water, paper and other resources

Personal Care/Hygiene

  • Students should carry two towels for lunch and should not make the dining place dirty.
  • Nursery children shall keep a spare dress for use in case of any emergency.
  • Students should indorm school authorities if they are taking any medical treatment.
  • Students should keep their nails and hair tidy
  • Students should avoid bringing junk foods to school.
  • Students are advised to intake more water, fruits and vegetables.


  • Students should complete the homework given on a daily basis.
  • Students should learn and recall what is taught in school at home in the evening.
  • Students should feel free to contact their teachers to clear their doubts in studies.
  • Students should get the signature of their parents in the test papers.


  • Our school has a fleet nine school vehicles and a hired one to facilitate commutation of children.  All the school vehicles were procured new in a phased manner to facilitate smooth transit of children from home to school and vice versa. Polite, experienced drivers and ayammas of each van and CCTV cameras installed inside the vehicles ensure the safety and pleasant journey of the children. The parents bring their children to the boarding points sufficiently prior to the arrival of the vans. In the evening after school is over, teachers take van attendance and board the children with care.


  • School uniform is compulsory in all working days unless it is mentioned. Students should come to school clean and tidy. Hair should be well trimmed and combed. Nails should be cleaned and trimmed periodically.