Welcome to (Senior Secondary CBSE School)

 is driven by passion and vision to effectively groom creative, and socially responsible future leaders – in a joyful and stress-free environment inculcating values and wisdom in an equitable model of educational excellence.

Pre-KG to Grade XII

 commenced its academic activities from the year 2014. Our school is located in a green lush healthy environment, and is providing education to children from Nursery to Grade-X. We also have secured approval to conduct Grade-XI and Grade-XII classes successfully – under the guidance of CBSE guidelines.

“Education is a manifestation of perfection already in men"~ Swami Vivekananda. As the name of school stands for – this school blends tradition with modernity imparting quality education to children in a joyful and creative environment enabling them to become skilled, intelligent, sensitive, responsible and top performers in their chosen fields. The board of management of school has a clear vision to provide holistic education in spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, physical and social aspects to children in a stress-free and safe environment that will enable them to grow up to be confident and self-reliant people. For nursery children, Montessori method of teaching is adopted, wherein the slow learners also show significant improvement.

Academic objectives

At , we recognize that each student has a unique learning style. In order to bring out the best in each child, we have devised a flexible academic program to recognize the diverse learning styles early and design our teaching initiatives to help the students to perform well in their academic pursuits.

These initiatives include maintaining a low student strength in classes with well trained faculty to identify students’ learning patterns, devising continuous skill-based plans to suit their learning needs and delivering them in an integrated manner using our digitized classroom infrastructure. We implement the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) framework of CBSE from Grade 1 to 5. From Grade 6 to 10, we follow a uniform system of assessment advocated by CBSE to constantly monitor student progress and update learning material in a timely manner – thus ensuring positive learning outcomes. We have successfully groomed four batches of Grade 10 students who have passed with a cent percent pass percentage securing good marks in CBSE Board Examination.


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Primary Grades 1 – 5

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Middle & Secondary Grades 6 – 10

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Our Management

The founder of Sri Subramanian Educational Trust had served as an esteemed Professor at Universities in our country and abroad with ample teaching and research experience. Born in the Kavarkalpatty village, Valapady Tk and having been in renowned educational institutions, he developed a strong passion to impart quality education of global standard to the children of this rural area.

The Vice Chairman of Sri Subramanian Educational Trust with diverse experience of two decades in Information Technology is guiding a Tech Team at our school to develop state of the art of digital infrastructure to provide quality education to our children. He has worked in world class companies – Honeywell, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, HP Inc, OLX, etc as Senior Director of Engineering. With such rich experience in process, navigating amongst people, he is passionately contributing towards establishing a world class educational institution.

Our school is located in a green lush environment which enables a pollution free, eco-friendly environment for the students. As the word 'Heritage' implies School blends tradition and wisdom with modernity to develop the children in a holistic manner.

Unique features

is quite successful in enabling children with varied learning styles. We also take care of handling challenges that students face in the areas such as – alphabet blending, attention disorder, hyperactivity and lack of motivation – to acquire good education. These issues have been successfully handled with the assistance of psychological consultants as well as specially trained teachers and using Montessori materials.

The children are encouraged in different activities as advocated by CBSE and when they come out well in some of these activities, then they gain confidence which inspires them to do well in academics also. In this fashion, many students who were slow learners in the beginning have come up very well later.

Situated in a rural background, most of the parents being unable to help students in their studies, our school gives a lot of exposure to students in language learning by way of helping them in reading story books periodically, making conversations etc on a regular basis. We also motivate the students by encouraging them with medals and badges for their outstanding academic and extracurricular activities and sports. This inspires them to do well in studies.


From playgrounds to classrooms, our campus is designed to ensure our students physical and emotional wellness.
At our campus, children have fun as they learn, play, and make friends.