• Spacious and well-ventilated classrooms
  • Spacious library with a good collection of books and magazines
  • A spacious playground for facilities for various sports and games
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Games Equipments
  • R.O. Drinking Water Facility
  • Well-equipped Composite Laboratory
  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Biology Laboratory
  • Physics Laboratory
  • Maths Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Words worth Language Laboratory
  • Assembly area
  • Well maintained sanitation facilities
  • Transport facility


Our school has a spacious library which houses a good collection of books on diverse topics and a number of periodicals and magazines. Students love to visit libraries and read books of their interest. The library creates a lot of opportunities for learning and shapes new ideas and perspectives which could tone up their creativity and problem solving ability. Hence they serve as gateways to knowledge and culture and play a prominent role in developing the habit of reading among students. Library also serves to improve the academic achievements of the students as they can perform better in examinations by reading various books on a specific topic. This can help students to understand difficult concepts and master them.

Computer Laboratory

Computer lab of our school is equipped with a good number of computers. Students are given sufficient hands on exposure on the use of computers to enable them to understand the latest concepts and developments in software and information technology. It provides inclusive, structured learning environment, where students can prepare for a tech-savvy future. Students also use the computers to prepare powerpoint presentations and assignments on their subjects and to enrich their knowledge by going through useful websites like wherein they can learn from fundamentals of subjects like maths.

Laboratories for Science and Maths

Our school has a composite laboratory for performing experiments for students of grades upto 10.  This year, we have added separate labs for chemistry, physics and biology with equipments, chemicals, materials and charts with a view to apply for upgradation of our school for senior secondary level.  We have a maths lab with many teaching aids which are helpful in enabling clear understanding of concepts in maths. 

Large Ground and Open Spaces

Heritage Vidhyalaya School has a green lush environment with a vast playground and a number of play things and equipments. Our students enjoy their time together in play ground and green campus. The play areas and the green spaces are the places which will have many fond memories for all our children. Children love to be engaged in physical activity which improves attention, diminishes stress and anxiety, and prepares them to learn. It also improves motivation by enabling them to try new things. 

Smart Classes and Technological tools

Smart classes have smart boards linked to computers or laptops connected to internet and projectors. They greatly render teaching-learning processes  a fun, efficient,  interesting, interactive and easy,. save a lot of time, enable better understanding of concepts and information available at far away servers can be accessed. Experts anywhere can give virtual lectures and teachers can interact with students even after school hours.