Our school follows the CBSE curriculum with the aim to develop children in a holistic manner with 21st century skills keeping in mind the contemporary globalized era. 

The curriculum employed in our school is an evolving one based on CBSE's continuous evaluation and reappraisal.  Our academic program keeps its inquiry-based, outcome-driven educational activities and services to meet the needs a dynamic, modern globalized community. It comprises careful planning of classes and activities to achieve an orderly delivery of subject matter with gradual progress of the learner.  In order to ensure holistic development of children, teaching is  done through carefully designed thematic units that enable the children to comprehend the links between different subjects.

The teaching learning process in our school emphasizes on students' comprehension of the subject matter and difficult concepts, instead of relying on memorizing facts. The curriculum implementation is rendered facile by the use of online tracking protocols to assess the child’s skills. The curricular activities help the children to develop creative thinking  to achieve their personal learning goals.

Teaching With Technologies 

Heritage Vidhyalaya School is leveraging cutting edge online teaching platform since April 2021. We take utmost care to ensure the learning experience has little or no loss of effective learning because of migrating to modern online teaching platform by following the processes given below.

  1. Each student is given a school generated email address via which all communication happens.
  2. Attendance is captured for each online class and report is automatically generated and sent to each student end of the week.
  3. We have rolled out an innovative Automatic Attendance marking technique to reduce time spent by teachers to mark attendance for each session.
  4. We conduct timely online and offline exams. Teachers just need to feed the offline exams in a staging sheet to simplify their job.
  5. Offline answer sheets are collected on time over Google Classrooms.
  6. Data pipeline directly generated the report card, and automatically sends the performance card directly to the student's email address.

8. Evaluation Performance Report contains mark in each subject, attendance of student in each subject's online class, number of activities given in each subject vs. those completed by the students.

9. Monthly Information Sheet – that covers the plan for upcoming month of each grade – is sent automatically to each student's school generated email address.

10. Upcoming evaluation's syllabus, portions, question paper pattern are all sent well in advance so the students have a concrete target to chase down and excel in the academics.

Labs for Science (Composite), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Language, Maths and Computer

  • To facilitate effective learning of concepts and keeping the child abreast of the developments in latest technologies, we have labs such as Math Lab, Words worth English Lab, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Biology Lab and Computer Lab.
  • Math Lab has several innovative teaching aids that facilitate clear understanding of difficult concepts and formulae. Science Labs with latest equipments and materials and hands on experience in doing practicals help the children in enhancing assimilation of concepts and subject matter.
  • Wordsworth English Language Lab helps in improving the pronunciation, vocabulary, listening and speaking skills of the students.
  • Computer Lab provides a wonderful hands on experience on several topics which the students enjoy and excel. This lab also helps children to learn difficult concepts in maths and other subjects by going through and solving the problems which gradually increase in complexity.
  • “No Homework Policy" is followed for the children of nursery classes and classes I and II. Only fun activities may be given sometimes.