Literary Club

Literary club strives to take the children into a new world by giving wings to their imagination. This club provides them opportunities to dwell deeper into the realm of literature. It improves their confidence and enhances their speaking, listening and writing skills. It enables them to analyze and understand the diverse facets of literature.

The Literary club aims at brining out effective communication talents of students. Ultimately, the club inspires the children to develop a passion for reading literature. The club conducts a variety of activities such as writing reviews on books, delivering extempore speeches, organizing debates, enacting dramas, writing poems and stories etc which will have a positive impact on their literary skills and their personality.

Health and Wellness Club

Wellness is defined as the constant endeavor and deliberate effort to stay healthy and achieve the highest potential for well-being ensuring a pleasant life. Wellness of an individual is intertwined with both the mental and physical health, which in turn depends on the coordination of body, mind and soul. In the contemporary scenario, children spend quite a lot of time in watching TVs, playing games and in several unplanned activities, forgetting the importance of well being. Hence, introduction of Health Clubs in schools, which creates awareness on health, balanced diet, exercises, diseases and their prevention/cure etc. is a welcome feature. In this context, our school conducts several activities giving prominence to sports and games, yoga, dance and meditation, besides prompting them to take balanced diet, which ensure overall wellness of

Eco Club

Eco clubs in schools motivate students to take up meaningful environmental activities and projects. Through this forum, students are inspired to influence, engage their parents and neighborhood communities to promote eco friendly practices. A series of activities are embarked in our school to highlight the necessity to take care of the deteriorating environment. Activities are usually planned in the third week of April to pay tribute to our Mother Earth by inspiring them to write slogans, make posters, deliver speeches, recite poems, take rally creating awareness on the connectivity between human life and nature and how we can maintain a balance between them.

To conserve environment, children are  inspired to plant more and more trees and nurture them  in the school as well as around their homes and in their farms. Other activities of eco club includes: creating awareness on i. preventing fires, proper use of fire extinguishers and minimizing the use of fossil fuels, electricity, water etc ii. maintaining cleanliness in school, home and everywhere and ensuring participation of children in
cleaning the school premises etc.

Math Club

Heritage Vidhyalaya has a number of math lab materials with which several activities can be performed by the students individually and under the guidance of teachers. They can repeat an activity also, to understand the concepts fully. Normally, many children consider incorrectly mathematics as a difficult subject and feel that it needs higher mental ability to comprehend. Hence it scares them, impedes their interest to learn the subject and hence poses a deleterious effect on their academic performance in this subject. Hence CBSE has introduced the idea of mathematics laboratory in schools to enable children to imbibe the basic concepts of maths through concrete activities. Math clubs render learning maths a joyful and enjoyable activity, adding  a new dimension to the children’s learning of math concepts. This in turn lays a strong basis to understand even complex abstract concepts.