S#DateJob Description Status
1 15/10/2021

Qualification: B. Sc. / M.Sc. B.A. / M.A. B.Ed. / M.Ed. Experience in teaching would be a plus.

Personal qualities required:

  1. Candidates must have excellent communication skills and good interpersonal skills.
  2. Must have good command over English.
  3. Must have a pleasant disposition.
  4. Must have good teaching skills.
  5. Must be skilled in activity oriented teaching using creative and innovative teaching techniques.

Job Expectations:

  1. Develop a standards based curriculum with other members of the department
  2. To be effectively prepared for each lesson plan i.e. read plans, attend curriculum related workshops and seek clarification, if necessary.
  3. Be aware of the objectives in the lesson plan and introduce them to the students accordingly.
  4. Be logical and clear in the presentation of the introduction of the lesson plan.
  5. Teach as per instructions given in the lesson plan and make use of various teaching aids, resources, activities, assignments listed in the lesson plan.
  6. Integrates information from other areas within and outside the lesson plan and gives relevant examples, metaphors and analogies, use of creativity, humor and imagination to establish connections with students previous learning.
  7. Use of effective voice intonation to communicate and instruct using correct and appropriate language and grammar.
  8. Maintain eye contact and move around the class with ease and interact with students.
  9. Classroom arrangement should be appropriate to lesson plan goals. planning, preparing and delivering lessons to a range of classes including putting up displays in the classroom
  10. Translate lesson plans into learning experiences so as to best utilize the available time.
  11. Monitor and evaluate students’ progress, prepare for parent conferences, craft narrative reports, etc.
  12. Be responsible for the wellbeing and pastoral care of students, including acting as Personal Tutor
  13. Exhibit knowledge of current trends, pedagogy, research, and topics of importance in language arts education by applying it in the classroom and sharing it with teachers on a departmental and school-wide basis
  14. Organize and participate in field trips
  15. Participate in regular, purposeful pedagogy meetings and in professional development sessions
  16. Participate actively in the life of the School, through attendance at events, committee membership, and leadership of extracurricular activities
  17. Perform other duties within the scope, spirit, and purpose of the job, as requested by the School Principal.
  18. Enthusiastically contributing to academic management, and supporting the administration and organisation of the department to further its education activities and ambitions.

Essential Qualifications/Experience:

  1. A relevant Bachelor’s degree.
  2. Substantive full-time experience teaching in CBSE School.
  3. Ability and willingness to undertake personal professional development in order to carry out the duties of the role.
  4. Excellent presentation and communication skills.
  5. Excellent oral and written communication skills, with an excellent standard of English language.
  6. Experience with standards-based curriculum and assessment.
  7. Familiarity with, interest in, and commitment to Harkness pedagogy—willingness and enthusiasm, if not prior experience.
  8. Experience in a school with a similar teaching philosophy to that of Heritage Vidhyalaya, which employs comparable teaching methods and curricula, or to have received training that will adequately prepare the students as required by Heritage Vidhyalaya.
  9. Knowledge and understanding of international and/or independent school communities.
  10. A demonstrable passion for literature.
  11. Evidence of significant recent professional development.
  12. Excellent technology skills and experience integrating technology into the curriculum.
  13. Experience in a school with a similar philosophy, teaching methods, and curricula to those of Heritage Vidhyalaya.
  14. A proven commitment to the safeguarding and welfare of children and young people.