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Our School

Heritage Vidhyalaya is quite successful in enabling children with varied learning difficulties such as poor reading due to problems in alphabet blending, attention disorder, hyperactivity and lack of motivation to acquire good education. These issues have been successfully handled with the assistance of psychological consultants as well as specially trained teachers and using Montessori materials.

The children are encouraged in different activities and when they come out very well in some of these activities, then they gain confidence which inspires them to do well in academics also. In this fashion, many students who were very slow learners in the beginning have come up very well in studies.

Situated in a rural background, most of the parents being unable to help students in their studies, our school gives a lot of exposure to students in language learning by way of helping them in reading story books periodically, making conversations etc. In this way, many slow learners in the first year of stay in our school have now come up above average level and some of them are in the top 10-20 % of students. Photos of various activities of children are compiled by way of an album.

We also motivate the students by encouraging them with medals and badges for their outstanding academic and extra-curricular activities as well as sports. This inspires them to do well in studies also.

Poor children were also given fee concession to get quality education and they were also encouraged to develop rapid reading through remedial classes involving phonics etc.