Our Facilities

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Our Infrastructure and Facilities

1.Computer lab and Audio Video room
2.Well equipped Library, Science and Math Labs.
3.Wordsworth Digital English Language Lab
4.Wi-Fi enabled learning through HDTV and computers.
5.Sports Facilities.
6.Well ventilated class rooms.
7.Good School Transport facilities to various destinations.
8.Classical and Western Dance, Meditation and Yoga, Arts and Crafts, Karate, Keyboard and 9.Guitar for opting students.
10.Periodical skill enhancement programmes for teachers.
11.Orientation seminars for parents on effective parenting etc.
12.Counseling to students on stress management and enhancing memory and attention.


HV believes that all children can learn fully, if only we appropriately kindle and motivate them by adopting both traditional as well as modern teaching protocols. "Learning is like swimming upstream, the moment you stop you are washed off" – says a quote. Children from nursery to primary will be given exposure to a host of a series of video stories that could lead to effortless English learning, which will be followed by "read to me" and "learn myself" sessions wherein children will have access to good quality story books. This is bound to ignite the passion of children to start reading books much early that’ll continue lifelong.